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Ashcan Press

WE CAN NEVER GO HOME Joy Division Shirt

Be stylish and support indie comic books in this knockoff of the Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" t-shirt. Our version of the classic design features We Can Never Go Home's female lead, Madison, standing in front of the iconic mountains... or radio waves... or whatever they are. If you read the book with a keen eye you may spot the original shirt hidden somewhere within.
Designed by our pal Lubrano from Righteous Indignation Design.
THIS SHIRT COMES WITH A FREE 6 PAGE PREVIEW PDF OF WCNGH #1. We will probably throw in some other free stuff too.
note: These shirts are "fashionable fit" by Tultex or American Apparel brand and may be a little smaller than what you are used to. Caveat emptor!

This item isn't currently available.