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Ashcan Press

TWELVE REASONS TO DIE #1 Super Rare Signed Ticket Variant

This is the ticket variant for Twelve Reasons To Die #1. Limited to 150 copies, only available at a few stores, each copy is hand signed by Ghostface Killah himself. Each cover allows the owner to get into Ghostface's show in their town. Interiors by Gus Storms, Breno Tamura, Kyle Strahm, David Murdoch, and Joe Infurnari. Written by Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon. Featuring Ghostface Killah. If you want this one you the only place to get it are-

Casablanca Comics
Portland, ME

Newbury Comics
Boston, MA
Providence, RI
New Haven, CT

Brave New Worlds Comics
Philadelphia, PA

Jim Hanley's Universe
New York, NY

Third Eye Comics
Annapolis, MD

Chapel Hill Comics
Chapel Hill, NC

Heroes Haven Comics
Tampa, FL

Austin Books & Comics
Austin, TX

Forbidden Planet - UK
London, England UK

Graham Crackers Comics
Chicago, IL

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